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4000 Faber Place Drive, Ste 405, North Charleston, South Carolina 29405
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Firm Profile

The Finkel Law Firm, LLC was founded in 1970. It has offices in Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina. There are twenty-five attorneys in the firm, supported by experienced paralegals and staff. The firm enjoys a strong reputation for representing business entities and individuals in complex litigation. The firm handles all types of litigation, residential and commercial real estate, corporate and business organization, finance, certified arbitration or certified mediation, bankruptcy, foreclosure, insurance litigation, medical malpractice, disability claims, probate and estate planning and taxation matters. All of the attorneys in this law firm are committed to delivering quality legal services to their clients in a cost efficient manner with goal-directed results.

F. Truett Nettles, II is Of Counsel to the Finkel Law Firm, LLC. Mr. Nettles represents business entities in Bankruptcy (creditors only), commercial transactions, commercial collections and construction disputes. He also directs clients in the creation, acquisition or sale, and organization of business entities including corporations, sub-S and close corporations, limited liability partnerships and limited liability companies.

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